Privacy Policy

We, Smile Corp., recognize that Personal Information of Customers (hereafter referred to you) is very important, and for your further reliability and confidence on us, we (hereafter referred to the Company) are committed to comply with the regulations relating to the Personal Information, and to handle the Information appropriately.

1.Collection of the Personal Information

For further service improvement, the Company collect your personal information as so needed. In such a case, the Company make the intention clear, and ask your information legally and fairly.

2.Use of the Personal Information

The Company use your Personal Information carefully to fulfill our purpose as publicly stated and collected without any infringement of your right.

3.Security of the Personal Information

The Company utilize appropriately necessary procedures to secure the information in order to prevent unauthorized access, uses, or disclosure.

4.Entrust of the Personal Information

If the Company entrust the handling of the Personal Information partly or wholly to a third party, the Company supervise the party selected after full research to keep the information secure.

5.Disclosure of the Personal Information

The Company neither disclose nor provide your Personal Information to any third party without your prior consent, except for execution by law of Personal Information Protection.

6.Openness and/or Amendment of the Personal Information

If an individual requests his or her personal information, the Company disclose the information provided the individual is duly identified. If an individual requests amendment and/or addition and/or elimination in his or her Personal Information, the Company comply with the request without delay provided the individual is clearly and duly identified and proved.

7.Management and System for the Personal Information

The company assign an officer for the system as responsible for the Personal Information maintenance as well as improvement to keep it adequately.

8.Change of the Privacy Statement

This Statement may be changed from time to time. Such a new Statement shall be effective with an updated revision date on this website unless otherwise notified.

If you have comments or questions about our Privacy Statement, please use an inquiry form here